Infection Control Care and Residential Homes

 Course overview
 Workshop objectives
Understanding Training
 What is training?
 What is your role?
 The skills you need to be a successful trainer
 How training can go wrong
Styles of training
 Different styles of training
 Learn how to develop your own style
 How to build up trust
 The importance of being honest
 The importance of being true to yourself

Communication Skills
 What is communication?
 Improving questioning skills
 Different ways to ask a question
 Do you really listen?
 Developing active listening skills

About Body Language
 First impressions
 Key body language skills
 Is your body language letting you down?
 The Importance of Voice
 Factors affecting the voice
 Using your voice

Dealing with Difficult Participants
 The ground rules
 Challenges and solutions
 Handling interruptions
 Understand how to give and receive constructive feedback
 Build effective evaluation into your training sessions

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